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This page will help you understand our training modules and which ones are applicable to your particular role(s). Training/Validation is obligatory for all leaders and will support you in your leadership of the Young People in your care and help you to organise exciting and adventurous programmes and outdoor experiences for the members in your section.

Completion of the following modules is required for

Commissioners, GSLs, AGSLs, Section Leaders, Assistant Leaders, County Leaders and District Leaders.

The following information informs you of the method of training delivery in West Lancashire.

Before you begin your training, you will have met with your Training Advisor (TA) to discuss your Personal Learning Plan (PLP i.e. Module 2). At this meeting, you will discuss the knowledge you already have and plan how you are going to fulfil the necessary training requirements.

GETTING STARTED.  1 day course

This course will be delivered locally so please contact your District Local Training Manager (LTM) for dates and times.

This course consists of :-

Module 1    Essential Information (this will include ‘Safeguarding’ and Safety’)

Module 3/4   Tools for the role

Module 5    Fundamentals of Scouting

Module 6    Changes in Scouting

ALL APOINTMENTS.  1 day course

This course will be delivered at different locations within the 8 Districts in West Lancs.

Module 7    Scouting for all

Module 11  Administration

Module 12A Delivering a quality programme

Module 10 First Aid (First Response)  1 day course

This course will be delivered locally so please contact your District Local Training Manager (LTM) for dates and times.

The following two ‘1 day’ courses will be run concurrently during a weekend at Waddecar Scout Camp Site.

Overnight accommodation will be available if required.    

‘THE PROGRAMME’  1 day course

This course consists of :-

Module 12B Programme Planning

Module 17  Running Safe Activities

Module 18  Practical Skills

Module 19    An activity based revisit

‘THE PEOPLE.’  1 day course

Module 14  Supporting Young People

Module 15  Promoting Positive Behaviour

Module 13  Growing the Section

Module  9   Working With Adults

Module  8   Skills of Leadership

SUPPORTERS  AND MANAGERS (GSLs, AGSLs, Commissioners, County Leaders, District Leaders.)

These appointments will be required to attend Getting Started’ and ‘All Appointments’. They will then be required to partake in ‘On line’ training and attend 4 separate training days which will take place on different dates and at different venues throughout the Region.

These 4 days will cover :-

Day 1 & 2      Skills of Management

Day 3           Meeting the Challenges

Day 4           Achieving Growth

TRUSTEES—Members of the Executive Committees both County and District

Module 1e   Essential Information for Executive Committees.

(This module includes ‘Safeguarding’ and ‘Safety’)


Module 1           Essential Information.

(This module includes ‘Safeguarding’ and ‘Safety’)


The following modules are supplementary to the obligatory training and will take place at different times during the year.

Module 25  Assessing Learning – for Training Advisors (TA)

Module 27  Instructing practical skills

Module 28  Facilitating – for leaders wanting to help train leaders

Module 29  Presenting  – for leaders wanting to help train leaders

Module 30  Supporting Local Learning –  Local Training Managers

Module 31  Planning a Learning Experience –    Course Directors

Module 32  Delivering a Learning Experience –  Course Directors and Trainers

Module 33  Planning a Learning Experience –    Course Directors and Trainers

Module 34  Managing a Learning Experience –  Course Directors and Trainers

Module 35  Internal Moderation – Moderating Training Courses

Module 36  Additional Needs – Working with young people with additional needs.

Module 37  Advising on Adult Appointments – for members of the Advisory Committees.


Module 38  Skills for Residential Experiences – to instruct leaders with essential skills for planning camping/residential experiences
Module 38 Dates

Safeguarding Training and Safety Training need to be revisited every 5 years.

First Aid (Module 10) needs to be renewed every 3 years.

If you have any queries about your training please contact either your Training Advisor,

District Local Training Manager or the County Training Advisor.

Contact details are available on this website.

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