Faith badge

Mark Chapter 3 verses 1-6

5.55 Coming in Game: Simon Says (usual rules)
6.00 Opening – Opening ceremony, news and notices
6.05 Chat about the faith badge and the programme for the evening
6.10 Tasks:
  Ask the BS to help do some simple tasks – then explain that they can only use one hand!

The BS have to put one hand behind their backs and then have to try to do some everyday things:

Tie a knot; pull some lego bricks apart; take the top off a drinking cup; put a card in an envelope etc….


Explain that we were only pretending to only have one hand – can the BS think why some people can only use one hand (broken arm, stiff joints, cut hand etc.)

There is a bible story about a man who only had one hand. His other hand was damaged so he could not use it.

Jesus went to the synagogue (who knows what a synagogue is?). There he saw a man whose hand was paralysed and could not be used. Jesus said to the man ‘Come up here to the front’. The man trusted Jesus and did as he was told. The crows watched Jesus to see what he was going to do. Jesus was a kind man and he felt sorry for the man. He said to him ‘Stretch out your hand’/. The man stretched out his hand and it became well again. The man did not ask Jesus to make him well. But Jesus knew he needed help. Jesus helped him without being asked.


In our promise we say that we will be kind and helpful and help others and we should be like Jesus and try to do these things without being asked.

  The man’s hand was now better and he could do lots of things with it that he couldn’t do before. He could wiggle his fingers, stretch his hand, touch things, hold things, shake hands with people, wave, clap, pray, and point (BS do these actions as they are said).

Can we think of 5 things that Jesus did in the story and count them on our fingers – let the BS think of the following:

1.       He went to the synagogue

2.       He saw the man with the damaged hand

3.       He asked the man to come to the front

4.       He felt sorry for him

5.       He helped the man

  We are all very lucky that we have 2 hands and can do lots of things with them. Direct the BS to go to the craft tables where they have a ‘big hand’ each in front of them. Explain that the finger is pointing upwards towards God because we all need to thank Hum for our hands and the things we can do with them.
6.20 Craft: A big hand
  On a4 card (or paper) draw a large hand with the 1st finger pointing upwards for each BS.

The BS have to cut out the hands and colour them. Ask them to write onto the hands 5 things that we can do with our hands (stroke a dog, clean our teeth etc…).


When this is done stick a lolly stick onto the back of the hand so that the BS can hold them.

6.45 Game:  Under and over relay with ball
  BS in relay lines have to pass the ball over their heads.

Repeat – pass the ball between their legs.

Repeat – alternate over and under

6.55 Closing Ceremony and payer

Hands to greet and fold in prayer,

Hands to bless and show you care,

Hands to clap and hands to raise,

Hands to show our love and praise.



7.00  End