Healthy Eating Week 1

Coming in game: Bowl of fruit picture

6.00 Opening ceremony

Talk about the healthy eating and the badge work we are doing

 6.10 Game: Fruit Salad

Beaver Scout sit in a circle on chairs or on the floor.

 They are named as per pieces of fruit – apple / orange / banana / pear

 One beaver is in the centre (don’t forget to give him a name). When their name is called they have to swap seats with the beaver in the centre trying to get a seat.

 When ‘fruit salad’ is called everyone swap seats.

 6:20 Game: True and false on healthy / unhealthy foods

Have a list of different foods and let the Beaver Scout guess which are healthy and which are not. Label one wall true and the other false. Ask a question and the beavers have to run to the wall they think is correct.

Here are some ideas

6:30 Activity: Making a sandwich

BS make up 2 sandwiches of their choice

 6.45 Action Story – The Fox and the Crocodile – action story

 6.55 Closing ceremony and prayer: