Healthy Eating Week 2

Coming in game: Healthy Eating maze

 6.00 Opening ceremony Talk about the healthy eating and the badge work we are doing

6.10 Game: Sweeties

Beavers are split into teams, each team in a different corner of the room, and the teams are named after sweets e.g. smarties, gobstoppers etc.

The leaders stand in the middle of the room and the beavers run round in a clockwise direction. One leader blows a whistle and shouts the name of one of the sweets then all the beavers have to try to get back to their corners while the leaders catch the beavers from the named team. When a beaver is caught before he/she manages to reach Home he sits in the middle with the catchers.

 6:20 Game: Baked beans

Pre-designate one wall/corner as the ‘tin’. Leader calls at random:

String Beans All Beavers to link hands

Runner beans all the beavers run round

Broad beans all the beavers to stand still with arms and legs in a broad stretch.

Jumping beans all the beavers to jump round the hall

French beans all beavers wave hand and say oh la la

On the command ‘baked beans’ all the beavers to run to the ‘tin’.

Game continues until all the Beavers are exhausted.

 6:30 Activity: Fruit Kebabs

Using a variety of seasonal fruits – the beavers can make up their own fruit kebabs

6.45 Sing Song: Ham and Eggs

A shouting contest between two halves of the audience – ‘A’ and ‘B’.

‘A’ shout loudly “We like our eggs nice and brown”.

‘B’ replies with “We like our eggs upside down”

‘A’ “Flip ’em”

‘B’ “Flop ’em”

‘A’ “Flip ’em”

‘B’ “Flop ’em”

Both. “Ham and eggs”

This yell may be repeated at any time during the campfire.

6.55 Closing ceremony and prayer: