Coming in game: Beaver maze


6.00 Opening ceremony

Talk about the promise and what it means

Get the Beaver Scout to all say the promise together






Game: In the pond

Beavers stand with their toes touching the circle. Leaders call out ‘In the pond’ (beavers jump in the circle) or ‘On the bank’ (jump outside the circle), slowest beaver loses a life (roll up one sleeve). Try and catch them out by saying ‘ON the pond’ or ‘IN the bank’, if they move they lose a life. When they lose all their lives they sit on the bank, last one standing is the winner.







Game: Promise Jigsaw

Prepare cards (one set per lodge) with the words of the promise on them.

Have a copy of the promise printed out to show the Beaver Scouts.

In relay fashion the BS line up at one end of the room

In turn they run to the other end – roll the dice and find the card with that number on it. They take the card back to their lodge and when all the pieces are retrieved they make up the promise.

  Move into other hall




Craft: Hand Promise

The BS draw around their hand and colour it in

The cut it out and stick it onto the piece of paper with the promise written on it.

See Programmes online Ref 4224

6.45 Song:


(Tune: John Brown’s Body)


I’ve something in my pocket

That belongs across my face.

I keep it close beside me

In a most convenient place.

You’d never, never guess it

Tho’ you’d try for quite a while:

So, I’ll take it out and put it on

It’s a great big BEAVER SMILE!




(Tune: I’m a little Teapot)


I’m a little Beaver, short and stout,

Here is my tail, here is my snout.

When you pull my tail, you’ll hear me shout,

HEY! I’m a little Beaver, cut that out.


6.55 Closing ceremony and prayer: