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Youth Shaped Scouting is about ensuring scouting is shaped by young people in partnership with adults. To meet our Vision for 2018, young people across all ages will have the chance to have their voice heard on all aspects of Scouting, including programme and activity planning and the way that their Group is run.

This is to ensure that Scouting meets their needs and remains relevant to their interests.

Youth involvement includes young people doing the following:

  • sharing their ideas
  • learning from and teaching each other and adults
  • taking part in decision making
  • assisting with planning the programme, including activities and camps
  • becoming more involved in all aspects of Scouting


In order for the Vision to be achieved, young people need to become more actively involved in every aspect of Scouting, which will allow the Movement to continue to grow and meet the needs of young people.

It will also help leaders to keep their section growing and interested. We don’t know what the needs and interests of young people are until we ask them, and improving youth involvement will give leaders more opportunities to find out what young people actually want.

The fact that it is a partnership is very important; youth involvement is not about devaluing the contributions, views or ideas of adult volunteers, but instead about ensuring that there is a balance of input between young people and adults in the decisions that we make and the things that we do!

As leaders, it’s important that we have the respect of the young people we volunteer to give a better start in life to. To earn this respect, we need to work with young people and not against them. To do this, we need to listen to our young people, and that’s what youth shaped scouting is all about; listening to young people by giving them a chance to have their say, and by showing them that we have acted upon their suggestions to ensure that what we do have purpose, is meaningful, and can continue to be effective!

By providing more opportunities for young people to develop their leadership skills regardless of their age we are developing them as people and ensuring that scouting gives them the skills they need to stand out in the competitive world in which we live, whilst making them great leaders of the future in scouting, and in their future careers!

Through  activities and games in our programmes, through well connected and attended youth forums at all levels in scouting, through events and training and through roles and responsibilities which all form the future of scouting, we can ensure that every young person has regular opportunities to shape their scouting experiences, and can ensure that young people feel valued, empowered and proud in our growing movement.

Having appointed a County Youth Commissioner who is part of our County Team and County Executive leading on this area in our county; we are working hard to ensure that youth shaped scouting evolves to become the way that we scout in West Lancashire.

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