Youshape 2019

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February 2019 will be YouShape month once again…

Youth Shaped Scouting takes place all year round, but in February we’re focusing on providing support for young people and leaders to embed Youth Shaped Scouting into what we do, and celebrating the amazing examples of Youth Shaped Scouting already taking place around the County.

What is #YouShape all about?

#YouShape Month where we aim to empower young people to share their ideas and develop leadership skills. During #YouShape Month, we’re encouraging all sections to run activities that will help their young people to plan their programme, make decisions and develop their leadership skills, especially through peer leadership. 

Youth Shaped Scouting isn’t a new concept; empowering young people to decide, design and implement their own Programme and experiences is already happening in West Lancs. #YouShape month allows us to ensure that this continues and share best practice.

This could be through:

  • Providing young people with the chance to share ideas for their programme
  • Allow young people to plan and lead a section night, or a camp.
  • Gathering feedback on your section, a recent event or camp to ensure activities remain fun and relevant.
  • Letting Colony Leaders, Sixers, Seconders, Patrol Leaders, Assistant Patrol leaders or other ‘peer leaders’ to run all or part of the programme in that week.
  • Allow your Young Leaders to plan and run the programme in that week.
  • Begin inviting young people and/or young leaders to meetings in your group or district and continue after YouShape Week

Don’t forget, anything we do should be meaningful, inclusive and enjoyable for the young people! Young people can shape scouting in many ways and doesn’t have to be hard work or boring. There’s lots of resources available full of ideas of how to implement Youth Shaped Scouting.

You can find ideas for each section in the resources section of this website. Please get in touch if you’re struggling for ideas and we can put you in touch with your District Youth Commissioner.

Our West Lancs Scouts YouShape Video from 2016 explained a little more about the start of YouShape and why we were doing it!

As ever, please share your plans and some details and pictures of what you get up to in your sections by emailing Becca ( 

Similarly, we are always looking for Youth Shaped Scouting case studies to share with other leaders; please get in touch if you can offer an example to share!


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