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The Waddecar Service Crew Challenge has been hosted by the Waddecar Service Crew for over 30 years.
The main idea of the competition is teams of 3 or more (from both Scouting or Guiding) navigate around bases on Beacon Fell Country Park over a 3 hour period (10am-1pm). Each base earns the teams points which are totalled up to reveal the winners back at Waddecar campsite later in the afternoon.
The bases are traditionally Scouting skill orientated however in more recent years we have moved with the times and a few more modern practical skills have been thrown in. Base examples include Knots, First Aid, Car Maintenance, Knife and Axe and DIY.
Teams are entered into 3 age ranges based around the Scout, Explorer and Network age ranges and lately we have even let Leader teams enter.
The competition is always held in November on the Saturday before Remembrance Sunday so as you can imagine the weather adds to the challenge.
The event is very popular every year and teams from outside of the County regularly book on to compete. On the day we have over 300 people on the fell doing their utmost to get that winning edge on their rivals.
The cost to enter is £5 per team

One thought on “Crew Challenge 2018

  • 1st October 2018 at 9:52 pm

    shocking the lack of details on this poster – doesnt exactly help new scouts to get a sense of whats its about. doesnt even state start and finish times for the leaders.


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