Nights Away Challenge

nachallengeBelow you will see the letters that spell the word “SCOUTING”, for each letter we have created a Nights Away Challenge for you to complete.

All you need to do is camp using each of the ideas below and show off your camping skills in pictures by sending them to Everyone who completes the challenge will achieve the Nights away challenge badge!

The challenge is for all sections, and to gain the badge sections should complete the required number if challenges, and this must include one of the commissioner’s choice activities.

Badges cost £1 each and are available through the shop (Min order of 10)

For the section to gain the challenge badge they should complete:

  • Beaver Scouts – 2 challenges
  • Cub Scouts – 3 challenges
  • Scouts & Explorer Scouts – 4 challenges.

For an individual young person to be awarded the badge they should complete:

  • Beaver Scouts & Cub Scouts 1 challenge
  • Scouts & Explorer Scouts 2 challenges

All you need to do as a group is “Think outside the box!”

S –      Solstice (Camp on the solstice – either of them)

C –      Commissioner’s Choice (see below – choose one for the month you are doing it and GO!)

O –      Outside the Box (come on, impress us!)

U –      Underground (it gets dark down there, but doesn’t have to be deep)

T –       Tentless (Camping can definitely be done under the stars!)

I –        Ice Camp (It can get chilly!)

N –      Night Hike (Why sleep? Walk all night, or don’t, but get out and walk in the dark!)

G –      Greenfield (One you may need your district or county to help with, but we are always happy to help!)


Commissioner’s Choice Activities!

January – Bring your toy Camp – show off your favourite Christmas Present

February – Pancake Camp – enjoy a night away and cook pancakes. How about cooking on a candle

March – £2 Camp – can you organise a night away for a total cost of £2

April – Easter Camp – Get away and roll your eggs

May – Family Camp – Get the parents involved, how about a theme

June – Solstice Camp – watch the sunrise on the solstice

July – Summer Camp –

August –

September – Water Based Camp – How about water days, or hire a barge, or even build a raft and sleep on it

October – Halloween Camp – Ghosts and Ghouls

November – Bonfire Camp

December – Christmas Camp –  with Christmas dinner and crackers?

Once you have completed the challenges and sent your pictures to us at the above e mail address and we will let you know where to get your badges.

For further information or if you have any questions contact;

Badges can be purchased through Badge Secretaries or Sectional ADC, County Office or on-line Shop

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